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Cleaning Of Fishing Boat

Cleaning Of Fishing Boat

One of the favorite activities of children and adults is fishing. Most of us know this practice even when we do not carry it out. Many people go fishing for various reasons, among which are obtaining a source of food, making profits from the sale of seafood or, simply, because it is a hobby. However, despite being a very common task, we must follow certain considerations that will help us to perform it in the best way.

As the main element, we have the boat. To go fishing, we need a boat, right? Well, in this case, our means of transport becomes a factor to which we must pay close attention to because it directly influences the transport and conservation of fish, a product that has the essential characteristic of being very perishable. For this reason, it is extremely important to keep the boats in perfect condition, both at the level of equipment to take care of our safety and at a hygienic level to maintain the quality of the merchandise.

There have been many technological advances in this area, for example, now we have trolling motors, which are independent units that control the drag power of the boats, which gives the fisherman better control of movement on the water and also they could be rechargeable. This practice has become very popular in recent decades, mainly because the ecological movements that promote the conservation of water, the environment and marine fauna have taken root.

In addition, it seeks to protect the consumer, so maintaining the hygiene of the boat is an activity that must be carried out regularly and periodically. That’s why the manipulation of fish plays a fundamental role, since it is a product of rapid decomposition whose degradation process begins at the exact moment in which the fish dies. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the following tips:

  • Work at low temperatures. The cold is a great ally when handling fish as it slows down their deterioration process. What it means is that the colder it is applied, the less the degradation process of the fish is and its useful life is extended. To achieve this point, it is recommended to use ice and keep the fish at a temperature of -1 degrees.
  • The ice must be completely clean and it cannot be reused as it can contaminate the fish. In addition, it must be taken into account that plate ice is much more functional than chopped ice since it cools faster and thaws in a longer time.
  • Cleaning of both ice and fish should be done on the boat deck. In this way, the place in which this action is carried out is established in order to avoid the propagation of bacteria.
  • It is also very important to check the condition of the boat’s engine and stop it whenever it is possible.
  • Do not throw any type of waste into the sea that could be harmful to the ecosystem and, consequently, negatively influence fishing. Among them are the fuels, oil, plastics, boxes or organic matter.
  • Use only water to clean. If this does not work by itself, then resort to another type of detergent avoiding using strong cleaners or those that contain phosphates.

Remember that the two biggest problems that can exist in a fishing boat are mold and bad odors, so it is important to follow advices and methods that serve to avoid them.