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Crested Gecko Images: What do you know about them?

Crested Gecko Images: What do you know about them?

Crested geckos are popular and ideal pets for people who do not have any experience of keeping a pet before. They have a lot of personalities and characteristics that will make you surprise. In this post, we synthesis some fun facts about crested gecko and maybe you will have more reason to keep your own crested gecko.

Do crested geckos have eyelids? Crested geckos look like they have eyelids but they are not. The fact that these things seem to their eyelids are simply small scales or ridges.  Therefore, they keep their eyes moist and clean by licking their eyeballs.

Do crested geckos have teeth? Yes, they are. But these teeth are very small and not sharp at all. Although crested gecko is quite docile and well behaved but in some cases, when crested geckos want to self-defense, they will bite. However, they cannot cause any real threat.

Crested geckos can jump very well. They are arboreal that meant they prefer to climbing and jumping on the tress. They spend most of their life to live between leaves. They are using their back and front legs when jumping. This is the reason why you should provide them a taller cage and some trees in their enclosure.

Do crested geckos shed? It is absolutely yes. Like other lizards, crested geckos shed their skin regularly. This process is essential for them to continue growing their cycle life. Crested geckos will shed their skin about once per month and it takes 15-20 minutes for doing this process. You should prepare the best reptile humidifiers to support them shed easier.

Crested geckos have small claws, which helps them stick to some surfaces when jumping and climbing. But these claws are not sharp at all. You should add some accessories to help them wear down their nails.

Crested geckos are crepuscular, which meant they tend to active at dawn and dusk. Crested geckos do all the activities such as eating, bathing, matching, playing when it is dawn and dusk. In contract, they would like to hide and rest in the trees during the daytime.