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Carter Oosterhouse Shares His Tips for Innovative and Affordable DIY to Help Conserve on TipsOnTV

Carter Oosterhouse Shares His Tips for Innovative and Affordable DIY to Help Conserve on TipsOnTV

Spring is the perfect time to tackle DIY projects as the changing seasons inspire homeowners to repair, refurbish, and make renovations. Fortunately, TV host and carpenter, Carter Oosterhouse is providing some Spring DIY inspiration. Oosterhouse is famous for using his skills and celebrity to create environmentally conscience projects. RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT One way to respect the environment is to support sustainable farms. Lundberg Family Farms is a leader in organic and sustainable rice farming practices. Lundberg honors its family farming legacy by leaving the land better than they found it. One example of how they do this is by flooding their fields each year to promote biodiversity and provide vital habitats and food resources for hundreds of animal species. Lundberg has a fantastically wide portfolio of rice, quinoa, rice-based snacks and side dishes. For more information, visit EASY AND SUSTAINABLE TIPS A great addition for the home is the Kohler Statement VES Showerhead, an eco-friendly showerhead that demonstrates Kohler’s commitment to sustainability and water conservation, using 40% less water than the typical showerhead. Statement VES’s low flow spray is optimized to provide strong rinsing coverage while maintaining warmth, addressing two key user experiences. The collection leverages Kohler’s Katalyst Technology which infuses droplets with air to retain heat longer and cloak the body in water for a luxurious soak. For more information, visit TECHNOLOGY TO CONSERVE Water is one of the most precious resources, and many homes have undetected leaks. Oosterhouse recommends Kohler’s H2Wise Powered by Phyn. It monitors water usage and detects leaks which can end up saving time and money. On average, household leaks account for nearly ten thousand gallons of water wasted and millions in property damage every year for homeowners. Through leak alerts, pre-freeze warnings, and tracking water consumption, H2Wise solutions increase home security in the plumbing space. For more information, visit ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TIPS FOR SAVING MONEY The GE branded Cync Smart Thermostats are a win-win for the environment and homeowners, as they can help save money in energy costs every year. They can also help consumers improve overall energy efficiency. Cync Smart thermostats are easy to install and can be controlled from a smartphone via the user friendly Cync app so you can adjust away from home, or adjust the temperature using voice with Google or Alexa. Also, add a Cync Room Temperature Sensor to optimize the comfort in rooms everyone uses the most like a bedroom or office. Get it at Lowe’s or For more information, visit Post / Video Source: Tips On TV

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