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Non Profit Publishes Bible Video Game Takes Aim at Lowering Teen Suicide Rate

Non Profit Publishes Bible Video Game Takes Aim at Lowering Teen Suicide Rate

Alabama based non-profit and Bible video game publisher, Foundation for Intelligent Media & Design (IMD Interactive), recently announced that its first video game, The Anointed: David Saves Keilah (DSK) will be free to download Thursday, Sept. 22 on Steam. The Anointed: DSK is the first of three video games, scheduled to release by Fall of 2023, following the early life of King David. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents, and suicide is the second leading cause of death in people aged 15-19 years. IMD Interactive President Drayton Cosby exclaimed that daily Bible reading is at an all time low in America and that is contributing to the increased amounts of fear, anxiety, depression, and anger. “According to the CDC, youth suicides soared during Covid-19, while depression, fear and anxiety is at an all-time high,” said Cosby. “Showing people that God is searching for them through difficult times is a big reason why we were led to merge the Bible and gaming.” IMD Interactive Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Head of Interactive Carlo Romano said that he personally understands the affects of losing a loved one to suicide, having lost a young family member. “Losing a loved one to suicide is difficult, you never fully recover from it as a family,” said Romano. “But we know the power of the Bible and the wisdom it contains, so if we can deliver it the right way, lives can be changed.” IMD Interactive Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Matt Clark said that he is thankful that God has given him an opportunity to use his talents and skills as a programmer to reach future leaders and generations. “We are breaking into the gaming space with God’s Word because that’s where younger generations are spending the most of their time,” said Clark. “Our hearts our focused on equipping young leaders, supporting parents and giving churches more tools to grow so our society can thrive.” The Anointed: DSK delivers the narrative of 1 Samuel Chapter 22 and 23. As David, the player can run, climb, scale walls, swing from ropes and ride a horse on their journey to save Keilah. The game play requires stealth, combat and strategy to fulfill God’s plan and save the people from the Philistines, while being hunted by Saul. IMD Interactive is committed to creating an environment that equips future generations, parents and churches by deploying Bible based games that spreads God’s Word and establishes immersive experiences through art, software, and music to enhance Bible engagement, literacy, and under-standing. To access the DSK Steam store page, players must be 13 years of age or older. For parents that are considering allowing younger children to play, please visit IMD Interactive’s FAQs for more information. You may subscribe for updates, donate or keep up with the latest information at To follow and download the game visit The Anointed: DSK. For additional content please visit our media kit. Source: Foundation for Intelligent Media and Design

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